AI driving a SMART future for public health

Australia’s first integrated public health and clinical data platform to help combat current and future healthcare challenges such as pandemics and natural disasters is being established […]

Fight the late-night bright light

Avoiding bright light at night could be a simple way to reduce your risk of diabetes, a Flinders University study shows. The study published in the […]

Sports clubs missing a trick

Physical activity and mental wellbeing go hand in hand, so how can grassroots sports clubs leverage this to cultivate environments that could improve mental health and […]

Risky drinking even riskier for women

A concerning number of Australian women are drinking at dangerous levels despite knowing that it is likely to be causing them harm, warn Flinders University researchers. […]

Health and housing link for resettlement

In high-income countries with expensive and tight housing markets affecting many people, resettlement for people from refugee and asylum-seeker backgrounds is becoming increasingly difficult. To delve […]