Crunch time for marsupials

From sifting through topsoil for native truffles to cracking open hard shells of seeds and nuts to munch on the tasty kernels, Australia bettongs and potoroos […]

High-tech ‘whiskers’ for robots

Taking inspiration from the animal kingdom, Flinders University researchers are developing affordable, flexible and highly responsive ‘whiskers’ to attach to robots. While lasers and camera vision […]

Potential new test for kidney disease

Development of a new way to accurately measure human serum albumin (HSA) levels in people with chronic kidney disease has progressed in recent testing by Flinders […]

Visionary way to advance manufacturing

High-tech factory workers of the future will rely on training and support from Industry 4.0 technology, such as augmented reality head-mounted display modules (AR-HMD), to manage […]