Economic measures help pandemic response

Australia’s major banking and fintech sectors were buoyed by early government macroeconomic responses to the challenges posed by COVID-19, new research shows. Flinders University and Griffith […]

Aussie vulture claws back from the past

Australia’s first fossil vulture has been confirmed more than 100 years after it was first described as an eagle. The discovery, by Flinders University and the […]

Finding ‘good oil’ at sea

To save the world’s fish stocks and oceans, scientists are racing to find  sustainable ways to use fast-growing microalgae to make healthy nutritional products such as […]

Bold revival of Drama at Flinders University

The revitalisation of Flinders University’s Drama program is being marked by two significant public events within the next month – a new Australian production by graduating […]

Prehistoric fish led by their nose

The evolution of the brain and nervous system in animals has been wound back more than 400 million years, thanks to the examination of fossil remains […]