Lack of sleep a risky business for teens

Teenagers who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to take part in dangerous behaviours like smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol and drugs, unprotected sex, driving dangerously […]

Improved study pathways for young veterans

Younger Australian Defence Force veterans will receive improved support to embark on tertiary studies pathways as the result of Flinders University receiving a $157,000 Supporting Younger […]

"Lupus affects so much of us, it affects our body, our mind... it can be so debilitating, I get bald patches in my hair.... extreme tiredness." — Lupus patient Amy Strawbridge.

‘Rogue’ clones linked to Lupus disease

A medical discovery revealing the structure of ‘rogue clones’ that cause Lupus could identify early signs of the debilitating autoimmune disease and help develop effective treatments. […]

Professor Colin Raston, left, and Mr Thaar Alharbi with the Vortex Fluidic Device.

Leading students bolster best research

Flinders University’s most innovative research is being greatly assisted by the input of leading students undertaking Higher Degrees by Research – helping to further the application […]