Free help to quit smoking

Long-time smokers are invited to apply to join an innovative new approach to finally help quit smoking – all free and online for up to 800 […]

Viking ship burials shrouded in mystery

New detailed surveys of Viking age ship settings in Hjarnø, Denmark have been completed by archaeologists examining the origins and makeup of the Kalvestene grave field, […]

Medication hurdle for pregnant women

Pregnant Australian women are being denied access to medications which treat severe nausea and vomiting by pharmacists and medical practitioners because of misleading labels and a […]

Trigger warnings may prolong bad memories

Trauma memories can suddenly return when survivors are exposed to material that reminds them of the event—a process known as “triggering” which can be very distressing. Trigger […]

Assemblage support for creative artists

The Assemblage Centre for Creative Arts at Flinders University is off to a flying start. Leading creative artists are getting a helping hand from Flinders University’s […]

Clues to killer whale cluster

Why do more than 100 gather off Western Australia every year? A Flinders University researcher has finally fathomed why large numbers of killer whales gather at […]