Missing link in vital primary health care

Refugees and migrants are missing out on important health care services across Australia, experts at Flinders University warn. While Australia has welcomed more than 170,000 refugees […]

Environmental solutions to clean up

New Australian technology that could fix some of the world’s biggest environmental pollution problems – oil spills, mercury pollution and fertiliser runoff – will soon be […]

Body image on most women’s minds

Two new studies show the extent of women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies. In one of the largest studies of its kind, the Breast Size Satisfaction Survey […]

Female dolphins gather in family groups

Social clusters including mothers’ groups play an important role in the life of southern Australian bottlenose dolphins, a new study shows. Similar in giraffes, lions, hyenas […]

Cell networks map new cancer pathways

A complex intracellular network mapped by an international team of researchers could open the door to discovering new targeted treatments for colorectal cancer. Flinders University Professor […]

New digital health design lab at Tonsley

Healthcare in Australia is an annual $180 billion commitment, escalating with the ageing of our population and the complexity of modern care. Australia has made substantial […]