World of opportunity in exciting new courses

A new double degree in Cybersecurity and Criminology will equip students to succeed in a growing industry.

Flinders University’s reputation for excellent teaching and research and investment in exceptional student experience has seen it remain a popular choice for prospective students in 2018.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students) Professor Clare Pollock says Flinders is offering a range of new courses in areas with strong jobs potential and the ability to make a positive difference in society.

These include a new double degree in Cybersecurity and Criminology, a Forensic Science/Criminology combination, and a new Criminology (Honours) course available by direct entry, while among our new Archaeology offerings students have the option of a degree which adds in forensic and analytical science.

A new suite of combinations in sports, nutrition and health – including a new Health Promotion/Innovation and Enterprise double degree – responds to increased demand for courses that help people to enjoy healthier longer lives.

Flinders at Tonsley
Located on the former Mitsubishi Motors manufacturing site, Flinders at Tonsley is where students work alongside established businesses, tech startups and researchers working in medical devices and nanoscale technologies.

Flinders University continues to be the only university nationally to offers each and every student the opportunity to add Innovation and Enterprise to their studies, whatever degree they’re doing.

Demand for existing courses remains strong, with Flinders making 4,485 offers through SATAC so far in 2018, compared with 4,460 offers at this time in 2017, and 4,249 at this time in 2016.

The University’s postgraduate offers have maintained their recent trends, with 1,574 offers made at this time in 2018, compared with 1,412 in 2017 and 1,082 in 2016.

Top courses by demand are Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine, Nursing, Paramedic Science, Health Sciences, Medical Science and Criminology,

Top courses by ATAR cut-off are Medical Science (Vision Science/Optometry), Engineering (Biomedical)(Hons)/Master of Engineering (Biomedical), Criminology (Hons), Health Sciences/Physiotherapy and Engineering (Mechanical)/Master of Engineering (Biomedical)– all exceeding 97.2.

In addition, Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine ATAR’s of applicants would be greater than 99.5 – those courses are offered on a UMAT/ATAR selection rank.

“Flinders continues to provide high quality offerings for undergraduate and postgraduate students with the potential and passion to succeed at university,” Professor Pollock says.

”We also have a variety of entry pathways for students who did not receive an offer or missed out on their first preference, such as commencing in one degree and later transferring to their degree of choice,” Professor Pollock says.


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