May the 4th be with you

Gavin Smith Voxiebox
Co-founder Will Tamblyn with some Star Wars 3D hologram figures projected in the revolutionary Voxiebox system.

R2-D2’s Star Wars scene with Princess Leia’s hologram is closer to reality than you think.

International Star Wars Day is taking on new dimensions at Flinders Uni with a special presentation by futuristic 3D hologram co-inventors Will Tamblyn and Gavin Smith.

The South Australian entrepreneurs, who are bringing Star Wars and other imaginary characters to virtual life via their innovative new venture Voxiebox, will present at this week’s Feed Your Brain lunchtime event at the new Student Hub and Plaza (Wednesday 4 May, 12-12.30pm).

Commencing as a backyard hobby almost a decade ago, the IT experts came to Flinders’ New Venture Institute (NVI) to further develop their promising technology with help from the Flinders NVI Venture Dorm intensive program for startup businesses.

Following a merger with an American-based team, the company is now working towards the global release of a developer program for professionals around the world. This will enable varied industries to experiment with the unique volumetric 3D technology to create new types of interactive designs, experiences and concepts that can be viewed from any angle without the need for special glasses.

Any 3D data can be viewed on Voxiebox, so there are numerous applications for the technology – from engineering, teaching, medical device design, architecture and communications to spectator sports and video gaming.

“It’s vitally important for us to spend time validating each potential market before building a product,” Gavin says.

At the ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ event, they will give a brief summary of their story on the plaza’s big screen, then give a hands-on demo in the Studio Room in the student hub.

Voxiebox last year won the Editors and Audience Choice Award at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York, and was the Silver eNVIe Award Winner at the Flinders NVI awards.

As the business venture takes off, Gavin and Will are using Flinders at Tonsley facilities and shared spaces with further support from Flinders NVI at Tonsley.

Along with local business people, Venture Dorm is a 4.5 unit topic available to Flinders University students.

To participate, all you need is an idea or the willingness to create one, says Kathryn Anderson from Flinders NVI at Tonsley.

“Seeing Will and Gavin present at this Feed Your Brain session is an opportunity for students to see some of the great innovation that is happening in the NVI community,” she says.

“We hope to inspire students to consider the Venture Dorm program that they can undertake as a topic in their degree.”

Venture Dorm takes participants through the lean startup model and is already seeing student startups happening across tech, sporting, creative and social enterprise.

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