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Professor Alex Akulov, left, and pilot-cosmonaut Sergey Treshcheov will present this year’s annual Flinders University Investigator Lecture on 18 November.

In a first for South Australia, two Russian cosmonauts will join experts from Australia’s space industry to deliver the 2015 Flinders University annual Investigator Lecture.

Entitled ‘How to Live in Space’,  Flinders’ prestigious flagship free public lecture will be held at the Adelaide Festival Centre from 6pm on Wednesday, 18 November.

Pilot-cosmonaut and flight engineer Sergey Treshcheov and chief consultant Professor Alex Akulov, both from Russia’s Yuri Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Centre, will share their experiences of space travel, the effects of living in space for a prolonged period and the important issue of health for space crew.

They will provide fascinating first-hand insights into space travel and preparation for space station service given at the Cosmonaut Training Centre at Korolyov near Moscow.

Their visit coincides with Flinders University’s induction as a member of the International Astronautical Federation and the University’s support for the major International Astronautical Congress to be held in Adelaide in 2017.

Mr Treshcheov spent more than half year in outer space and completed a space walk in 2002. He will share his experiences about the space flight, including the effects of living in space for a prolonged period.

Professor Akulov will share his experience as part of the Russia’s space training program, including how he helps to select and prepare space crew as cosmonauts.

This year’s  Investigator Lecture is part of the University’s public education program and adds to the cultural life of our community.

The pair’s Adelaide visit is hosted by the University and the School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

Their insights, and other speakers from the Australian space sector, will give a rare first-hand insight into the application of engineering in the astronautics field.

During their visit to South Australia, the visitors will also speak to health science, environment and other student groups at Flinders.

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