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Assembling an animal skeleton was part of the vertebrate palaeontology session with lab technician Carey Burke and Dr Aaron Camens.

A series of youth workshops for gifted and talented students attracted more than 100 students from 27 high schools to Flinders during the term break.

The popular event gives advanced Year 8, 9 and 10 students from across the State valuable learning extension opportunities with exciting hands-on experiences in Flinders’ labs and lecture theatres, says Sally Richardson from the Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of South Australia.

Ms Richardson said the annual workshop series was a valuable and important chance to expand the knowledge of talented high school children.

More than 25 workshops were held last week, including several at the Science Innovation and Learning Centre at Flinders.

Kangaroo Island and Victor Harbor high schools were among country areas involved in the workshops.

CSI: Adelaide – Forensic Fact or Forensic Fiction was conducted by Associate Professor Stewart Walker.  Supported by Flinders School of Education students Alyce Spicer and Melissa Risely, the visiting students were challenged to step into the realm of crime solving and assess the accuracy of television programs such as CSI and Border Security.

Other Education undergraduate and postgrad students supported a wide range of  sessions over the two days, which included:

  • Medical genetics with Dr Karen Lower;
  • Simulation and serious games with Marissa Milne and Dr Brett Wilkinson;
  • Vertebrate palaeontology with Carey Burke and Dr Aaron Camens;
  • Philosophy with Leif Larsen;
  • Villains and action heroes with Dr Amy Hamilton;
  • Animals, ecology and forensics (and environmental engineering) with Vanya Bosiocic;
  • An adventure of the physical and chemical nature with Nathan O’Brien;
  • Where science can take you – a showcase of Tall Poppy science with Dr Cristian Birzer, Dr Michael Short and Dr Stephanie Reuter Lange;
  • Drama with Tom Cornwall;
  • Creative writing and storytelling with Dr Andrew Miller;
  • Engineering a better human body with Dr John Costi;
  •  Space the final frontier with Professor Amanda Ellis; and many more.
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