Flinders explores industry potential of the oceans

marinebiotech-290311Realising the potential of our oceans as a source of high-value products is the aim of a new Flinders University initiative.

The Flinders University Marine Biotechnology Seminar Series, co-sponsored by Bio Innovation SA, will bring together researchers and government and industry representatives to explore opportunities in this emerging field.

Mr Raymond Tham, Manager of the Flinders Centre for Marine Bioprocessing and Bioproducts, said marine bioproducts are responsible for billions of dollars of industry transformation around the world.

“The seafood, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries are already harnessing the potential of the oceans to create high-value products,” Mr Tham said.

“The field of nutraceuticals, or food products that offer health and medical benefits, is also finding ways to convert the ocean’s resources into new, effective goods,” he said.

“However, marine biotechnology is still in its infancy. We hope this pioneering seminar series will advance this exciting area by enabling us to interact with our research peers and leading figures from industry and government.”

Professor Joe Baker, one of the founding members in marine biotechnology research in Australia and a former director of the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) in Queensland, shares his experience and vision for the potential of this field for education and industry in the inaugural seminar on Tuesday 29 March.

Mr Dennis Mutton, Chair of Bio Innovation SA, Mr Barry Murphy (Immediate past Chair, Australian Rail & Track Corp), Mr Graham Walters (Chair, Westpac SA), Professor Rob Lewis (PSM, FTSE, immediate past Executive Director SARDI) and Professor David Day (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research) Flinders University, also take part.

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