New research building sets global standard for digital excellence

Flinders University has achieved a remarkable milestone for its Health and Medical Research Building (HMRB), the first medical institute in the world to earn a coveted ‘platinum’ rating from WiredScore for its cutting-edge digital capabilities.

The $280m facility, slated to open in mid-2024, stands as the flagship of the broader Flinders Village development in southern Adelaide’s biomedical research precinct, driving a substantial $1.5bn in economic activity and creating 600 direct and 20,000 indirect jobs.

Flinders University Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling said the 10-storey HMRB was purposefully planned, designed, and built to incorporate advanced digital features, enabling Flinders’ researchers to continue to push the frontiers of knowledge.

“Building on over 50 years of Flinders’ health and medical teaching and research, the HMRB will bring together more than 600 researchers, clinicians and professional staff, transforming the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of illness into better health and wellbeing outcomes for the community,” Professor Stirling said.

HMRB on track for 2024
HMRB rising high and on track for 2024

“The building has been meticulously designed to be the best to support the best, with reliable and rapid digital connectivity a critical enabler for research uplift.

“This platinum certification not only sets a global standard for digital excellence but also positions the HMRB as a pioneering hub for transformative research, marking a significant leap for Flinders in advancing healthcare innovation.”

Professor Stirling thanked independent assessor Stantec and WiredScore for recognising Flinders University’s future-ready focus in awarding the platinum digital connectivity rating, with the certification a welcome endorsement of the University’s commitment to research impact.

WiredScore’s Head of ANZ Ed Jennings underscored the significance of the platinum certification, congratulating Flinders for achieving the world-first accreditation.

Professor Billie Bonevski
Professor Billie Bonevski

“To ensure business continuity is consistently at 100%, lab facilities need to ensure they have best-in-class levels of digital connectivity. With proper infrastructure planning and upfront resiliency investments, Flinders has created an optimal environment for their lab facility to thrive,” Mr Jennings said.

“WiredScore is proud to have certified the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building – the first medical research facility to have achieved WiredScore Platinum in the world.”

Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute Director Professor Billie Bonevski said researchers are looking forward to working in the state-of-the-art facility equipped with technology to support them to deliver better health outcomes for the community.

“Our research crosses disciplinary boundaries, from laboratory scientists driving new medical discoveries, to clinical and public health innovations that will transform health services and improve health equity and outcomes for communities – locally and globally,” Professor Bonevski said.

“HMRB’s digital infrastructure and advanced connectivity will enable our top researchers from across many health fields and partner organisations to drive their research into new and exciting directions.

“We are starting a new era of multidisciplinary capability and collaboration, and HMRB’s digital capabilities will place Flinders at the forefront of discovery and innovation.”

WiredScore’s recognition encompasses various facets of the HMRB, including secure and reliable site-wide digital infrastructure, high-speed internet service, capacity for technological growth, in-building mobile performance, resilience, and telecommunications spaces, sizing, access, and protection.

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