How an ancient virus is implicated in MND

A new cutting-edge project under the leadership of FHMRI researcher Associate Professor Mary-Louise Rogers will test if an ancient virus may cause Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and, whether […]

$4.5m for visionary research

Visionary research which aims to unlock secrets of the human brain, ancient cultures and sustainable energy has seen Flinders University researchers awarded almost $4.5 million in […]

Insomnia affects young worker productivity

Daytime drowsiness, mental health issues and even road accidents are all connected to sleep disorders, leading experts to examine workplace productivity losses among as many as […]

SA first to trial bowel cancer database

South Australia will be the first state to trial a digitalised colonoscopy database led by Flinders University to manage the growing demand for colonoscopies and establish [...]

3D frame helps the mask fit

If the facemask fits, it’s much safer – say Flinders University medical experts after developing a low-cost way to customise N95 filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs) for […]