Alumni making their mark

Flinders University congratulates the outstanding graduates and staff who this year received Australia Day Honours, acknowledging the difference they have made to the community.

The annual Honours list recognise excellence, achievement or meritorious service, and outstanding contributions to our society.

Among the Flinders graduates who made the Australia Day 2023 Honours list are AO and AM recipients, including:

Officer of the Order of Australia (AO)

Associate Professor Rhonda Muriel Faragher AO PhD(HlthSc) ’07 For distinguished service to people with Down Syndrome through research programs and education initiatives.

Dr Anne Tonkin AO BM, BS ’82, PhD(Med) ’92 For distinguished service to medical professional regulation, to tertiary education, and to clinical pharmacology

Professor Linda Barwick AM

Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

Emeritus Professor Linda Barwick AM BA(Hons) ’81, PhD(Hums) ‘86 For significant service to the preservation and digitisation of cultural heritage recordings.

Emeritus Professor Debra Claire Henly AM PhD(Med) ‘92 For significant service to education administration, and to science.

Ms Susan Pearce AM BNg(PostReg) ’01 For significant service to public health administration and governance.

Emeritus Professor Debra Henly AM

Reverend Peter Sandeman AM BA ’80, BSocAdmin ’83, MSW ‘96 (main photo suppied) For significant service to the Anglican Church of Australia, and to the community of South Australia.

Professor Barbara Spears AM MEdSt ’98, PhD(EHLT) ‘05 For significant service to tertiary education, to research, and to youth.

Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)

Mrs Ingrid Alderton OAM GradCertDisSt ’01, Med ‘06 For service to special education.

Mr Paul Crate OAM DipT ‘82 For service to Australian rules football.

Mrs Clare Hopley OAM BSpecEd ‘95 For service to children who are hard of hearing, and to education.

Dr Evelyn Yap OAM BM, BS ‘90 For service to medicine, and to multiculturalism.

Public Service Medal (PSM)

Flinders graduate Javier Ribalta played a part in setting up Australia's digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate program.
Flinders graduate Javier Ribalta played a part in setting up Australia’s digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate program.

Mr Javier Ribalta PSM GCertPubSecMgmt ’14 For outstanding public service through leadership and coordination of Services Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms Catherine Weber PSM BEc ’93 For outstanding public service to the Northern Territory Public Sector.

Mr Andrew Murphy PSM GCertPubSecMgmt ’11

Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM)

Mr Neil Brooksbank AFSM GCertPubSecMgmt ‘13

Ambulance Service Medal (ASM)

Mr Robert Tolson ASM BHlthSc(Paramedic) ’06, GCertPubSecMgmt ’09

Ms Judith Barker ASM BHlthSc ’07

Dr Joseph Cuthbertson ASM GradCertMarArchaeol ’21

Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM)

Major Robert Gibson CSM BSc(Hons) ’74

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