Motorsport team revs up for big things in 2019

The Flinders Motorsport Team had a successful year at the annual Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia competition in Victoria.

The four-day SAE Australasia event at the Winton raceway involved more than 30 student teams from overseas and around Australia.

Learning from previous years’ events, the Flinders University nine-member team punched well above its weight in the static and dynamic events.

The team’s car, updated over the past 12 months, uses a four-cylinder, 600cc internal combustion motorbike engine in a custom designed chassis with all major mechanical and electrical components designed – and usually made – by members of the team.

The competition allows teams to design, build and compete in a formula-style open-wheeled race car with internal combustion and electric vehicle categories.

Team member Sam Jefferies says the static and dynamic competition events, in particular,  put teams’ skills in engineering, design and business management to the test – along with testing the performance of the car itself on the track.

“Flinders was placed highest out of the three South Australian universities present in the static category where engineering design, cost presentation and business skills are judged,” he says.

“The Flinders team also rated higher than some of the larger interstate universities with new team records for points earned in all these categories.

“Compared to last year, the Flinders team also improved in Dynamics, which rates the categories of skidpad, acceleration, autocross, efficiency and endurance.

“Some of the technical issues related to the low weight and materials used, with more points awarded for a cheaper car,” Sam says.

“Our team put in an incredible effort, dashing between garages to borrow a tool or even car components such as a spare brake caliper from other teams.”

Work will begin again in the new year on new designs, new concepts and existing repairs – including a new chassis and redesigned electrical system.

The team is looking for new members, supporters and sponsorship for the 2019 competition.

Contact Emma Branum or vice-president Gabriel McGrane

Or email: or Facebook

Next meeting: 9 January 2019, Tonsley campus room 1.01


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