SA at the centre of climate change coverage

South Australia leads the nation with 57% of its power sourced from renewables, and has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

The claim is highlighted in the only Australian entry in the international Climate Reality Project, founded and spearheaded by former US Vice President and climate change champaigner Al Gore.

Thanks to the efforts of Flinders University lecturer Helen Carter, and led by local film production company Living Stories and Flinders Screen and Media graduates, a video entitled Australia: Unlikely Activists, featured Cowandilla Primary School is the only climate change focus school in Australia in the international project.

Having learned online about this school’s dedicated effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Al Gore commissioned Living Stories to complete a two-day shoot in Adelaide, profiling the students, the school and the impact they are having on the local community.

“The Americans were very excited about the footage we provided, because we were the first group around the world to complete shooting for 24hoursofreality, and our work set the tone for the project,” says Ms Carter.

“It was exciting for us too, especially as a whole crew of Flinders people came together to work on an international project.”

Helen Carter, lecturer in Screen Production at the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, worked with Living Stories producers Danielle and Steven Addair, Peter Green, Mary Olive Smith, Jennifer Wanamaker and director Alison Rogers to shoot one of the 24 international videos that went live this month on the website

Several Flinders graduates were employed on the Living Stories project which became the sole piece of video footage representing Australia in the global online forum working to promote climate change action.

The video’s director Alison Rogers says the Living Stories crew was small but “very good”.

“We have a close association with Flinders Screen and Media, with (lecturers) Alison Wotherspoon and Helen Carter hugely supportive of what we do at Living Stories,” Ms Rogers says.

“I’m a firm believer in giving graduates and young filmmakers an opportunity to get some experience and paid work in film if possible.”

The Department for Education and Child Development has also released a behind-the-scenes video of the Living Stories crew working with the students, which can be seen at

About the Climate Reality Project

Founded by Nobel Laureate and former US politician Al Gore, the Climate Reality Project is one of the world’s leading organisations dedicated to mobilising action on climate change.

The project has attracted more than 5 million ‘Climate Reality Leader’ activists who promote information about climate change science and clean energy solutions.

For more information, visit Also at and on Twitter at @ClimateReality.

At the international launch of the Climate Reality Project in New York, Mr Gore shared stories and statistics from his films An Inconvenient Truth and An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.

“We stand at a pivotal moment in our mission to solve the climate crisis,” he said.

“While the Paris Agreement gave the world a critical framework for solving the crisis, it’s up to us – concerned citizens of all backgrounds – to keep this progress going, no matter what actions the Trump Administration takes.

“This year’s 24 Hours of Reality broadcast will highlight empowered citizens taking action across the world, and will inspire those watching to use their own voices to be part of the solution.”

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