Combat climate change with a micro-movie

grass2You can convey a lot about climate change in 90 seconds, and a Flinders University competition is asking students in South Australia and the Northern Territory to do just that.

A prize of $500 is offered in each of three categories – primary, secondary and tertiary – to students who produce a micro-movie to celebrate World Environment Day.

Micro-movies of no more than 90 seconds duration need to address the theme of  World Environment Day 2009 – UNite to Combat Climate Change.

Shortlisted movies will be screened and the winners announced at the Flinders University Open Day on Sunday, August 16. Winning films will also feature on the Flinders Virtual Open Day website.

The competition is run by the Department of Screen Studies and Media and the School of Geography, Population and Environmental Management at Flinders. Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, quality and flair.

Full details and conditions of the competition can be found on the Flinders website.

Entries close on July 31, so start working on your script and shooting schedule now!

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  1. This is a well-intentioned creative challenge with good scope for collaboration between students from different schools. However, there is plenty of stuff already on climate change and how we can all do our bit et al (like the example video), and the cash prizes are small compared with the work required to produce a 90 sec flick. Maybe a focus on addressing the core scientific issues, the denialists of human-caused change (such as Prof. Ian Plimer) and popular concerns/myths could all be interesting and engaging perspectives.

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