Flinders creates School of the Environment

Flinders University’s capacity to train experts and provide the research required to tackle major environmental issues has been enhanced with the creation of a new School of the Environment.

Virtual reminders help with early dementia

A virtual reality tool, developed by Flinders University, is coming to the aid of older people with early onset dementia, improving their quality of life while giving their carers a little peace of mind.

Flinders offers unique disabilities program

For most people with intellectual disabilities, the completion of Year 12 means the end of an education “career” – and a barrier to further opportunities to develop socially, academically and personally.

Early detection enhances lymphoedema treatment

Early detection of problems in the lymphatic system is the best way to prevent the discomfort and disfigurement that can result from lymphoedema, the swelling created by disruption to the body’s drainage system.