Personal journeys behind new Cancer Centre

Felishia Abbott was so grateful for the support she received from the Flinders Cancer Clinic team during her battle with advanced ovarian cancer that she was determined “to give something back”.

Demand climbs for Flinders courses

Flinders University is experiencing strong demand for its courses across both niche and generalist degrees in 2010, registering an overall increase in applications of around 15 per cent over last year.

Catalyst program has a mission of social inclusion

A new partnership between Flinders University and Mission Australia will promote learning and self-confidence among a group of disenfranchised and marginalised South Australians.
The relationship brings to Flinders University the internationally acclaimed Catalyst Clemente (Catalyst) program.

Spotlight on children’s media use and wellbeing

World experts meeting at Flinders University in the New Year will try to generate a more informed understanding of, and response to, advertising ‘pester power’, violent computer games and the sexualisation of children in the media.

Zebras out, pandas in at Flinders

You may have thought Wang Wang and Funi were safely accommodated in their luxury headquarters at the Adelaide Zoo, but it seems they may have gone for a walk – quite a long walk.

Flinders welcomes new role for Mitsubishi site

Flinders University welcomes the State Government’s announcement that the former Mitsubishi site will have a strong focus on sustainable and clean technologies, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Barber, said today.