Archaeology Department digs deep to support the disadvantaged

Flinders Professor Claire Smith (second from left) with staff and students from the Archaeology Department

Staff and students from Flinders University’s Archaeology Department have been busy packing and sending books to disadvantaged countries this week as part of the Global Libraries Program.

Run by the World Archaeological Congress (WAC), the Global Libraries Program encourages universities, philanthropic organisations and members of the general public to donate archaeological books to build up library collections in disadvantaged communities worldwide.

A contributor to the program for the past seven years, Flinders Archaeology Department has sent the books – which are donated by the publishers with postage covered by the WAC – to dozens of university libraries and institutions worldwide, including the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil and Deccan College in Pune, India.

Flinders Professor Claire Smith, the immediate past president of the WAC, says the project aims to assist archaeological and cultural heritage management students and professionals to undertake and excel at their work.

“When you visit university libraries in low-income countries it is truly shocking how few books they have – and the ones that they do have are often outdated,” Professor Smith says.

“In countries where an academic’s monthly income might be $600, having a budget for a library to buy a book that costs $150 or $200 is almost impossible,” she says.

“The project is therefore a practical way in which scholars can deal with global inequities in their fields.”

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2 thoughts on “Archaeology Department digs deep to support the disadvantaged

  1. I read the news and appreciate the feeling of this type of promotion scheme. I have an Archaeological Museum in my Department of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology, University of Lucknow, U.P.,India, Pin 226007 but the collection is very poor due to lack of funds.
    I would like to request to kindly include the name of my library in this list and also send the books to our library. It will be a great help to the students of Archaeology of my University.
    Further I want to submit that I have some my own books with me on archaeology If WAC can distribute it I would like to donate it in free.
    Dr. D.P.Tewari

  2. Flinders Archaeology Department has always been a champion when it comes to assisting disadvantaged countries and communities.It’s nice for the University to pick up on it and recognize their contributions.

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