KI Keisha digs her fossil experience

High school student Keisha Hadland recently swapped life on Kangaroo Island for excavating the fossils of extinct giant kangaroos. The 17-year-old recipient of this year’s James Moore […]

Youth insights into Indonesia

Indonesia is changing rapidly, yet many Australians know little about our nearest Asian neighbour. Ahead of Indofest and the annual OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival, Flinders University’s […]

International student shift earns praise

A group of international students who have flourished in making the leap from secondary school to Flinders University have won this year’s International Student Transition Awards.

Southern schools head to Flinders for maths and science

A group of 84 Year 12 students from seven southern region schools will soon be getting to grips with their Stage 2 specialist maths, physics or chemistry subjects on the Flinders University campus, thanks to a new program that will also give them a preview of university life.