Crime-terror nexus battles drug control

A complex web connecting the global illicit drug trade with organised crime and terrorism poses a significant threat to international peace and security – with Flinders […]

Concern for meth traces on public health

Flinders University researchers are looking for more accurate methods to detect traces of toxic methamphetamine contamination left behind on soft porous surfaces, clothing or in the […]

Responding to growing crystal meth problems

Increasing global availability, supply and use of crystal methamphetamine or ‘ice’ has resulted in Australians consuming 11.1 tonnes of methylamphetamine each year (ACIC 2021), with rates […]

Meth inhalation risk in former home labs

Families unknowingly living in properties previously used as methamphetamine or ‘ice’ labs could be suffering from significant risks of inhalation and skin exposure as meth moves […]

$4.5bn up in smoke

The use of cannabis is costing Australia $4.5 billion a year, mainly in the criminal justice system, according to a new report from drug and alcohol […]

Pressure builds on young tradies

Apprentices in the construction industry are a high risk group for alcohol and other drug-related harm. They were also found to be at high risk of […]