Zooming into green energy future

Green energy industry leaders from the Tonsley Innovation District will join Flinders University, government and other organisations at this year’s Future Energy Week. The Federal Energy […]

Research ‘sweep’: Martindale Hall

Flinders University Archaeology Professor Dr Heather Burke and research students will be on the ground – literally – to “sweep” the land surrounding Martindale Hall in […]

Songbirds learn in the egg

Singing a gentle lullaby can help put a human baby to sleep but its usefulness in the low grassland swaying nests of Australian songbirds takes maternal […]

Help for remote heart disease patients

Australia’s First Nations populations are among the world’s highest sufferers of acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD), yet only one in five patients […]

New clue to treat brain cancer

A new research study shows that cerebrospinal fluid reduces current treatment efficacy in brain cancer and identifies new therapeutic opportunities. Cerebrospinal fluid, the clear colourless liquid […]

Next step to power electronics

A new class of silicon compatible metal oxides paves the way for the development of advanced devices including high-density data storage, ultra low-energy electronics, flexible energy […]

Gender diversity problems in prisons

Trans and gender diverse people housed in male or female prison facilities face dangerous and stressful daily hazards which Australia’s prison systems are trying to address […]