Play leaves questions hanging

Society’s need for righting a wrong, real or perceived, is as strong today as it was when a small town in America’s south hanged an elephant for ‘murder’ in 1916, according to playwright Caleb Lewis.

Publishing deal a fantasy come true

A lifelong love of fantasy and scribbling has morphed into a promised writing career for Dr Benjamin Chandler, who has just landed a two-book contract with publisher Random House Australia.

Big thinkers in town

Original thinkers from Flinders are very much to the fore in the sixth Adelaide Festival of Ideas, which has opened with the theme of ‘Pushing the Limits’.

Flinders teachers receive the highest praise

High quality, innovative teaching by staff at Flinders University has been acknowledged by the award of eight Citations for Contributions to Outstanding Student Learning from the Federal Government’s Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC).

A novel take on an ancient crime

As a teenage exchange student in an isolated town in northern Iceland, Hannah Kent found the story of Agnes Magnusdottir, the last person executed in Iceland for murder, playing on her mind.