International Women’s Day #inspireInclusion

The theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress with an emphasis on “working to re-shape systems and remove barriers so that all women and girls can realise their full potential and build better financial futures.”

A mother-daughter student duo at Flinders University is determined to break down some of these barriers as they both progress their careers in medicine.

Midwife and now first year medical student, Sam, 38 years old, and her daughter, Hope, 19 years old, a second-year paramedicine student, both share a passion for healthcare.

Flinders University students, Sam and daughter, Hope

Mother of three and proud Indigenous woman, Sam says that she has had to overcome significant barriers to begin her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor and has “been through a lot” to get to where she is.

“It hasn’t been an easy journey up to this point. I’ve faced more than my fair share of challenges.  There have been a lot of barriers along the way and whilst at times rewarding, it has been a difficult journey,” she says.

Mum Sam says that she draws strength through adversity and credits her network of female friends for supporting her and her daughters through difficult times.

“It really does take a village – without the support of my friends and my children, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

From a young age, Hope was determined to study paramedicine. After a family member was involved in a severe traffic accident, she was further inspired to become one of those first responders.

Hoping to become an Indigenous doctor, Sam says she wants to use her skills to better the health outcomes of South Australian women, children and families; particularly those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“I’m driven by a passion to provide free healthcare, to give back to the community and see equality across our nation in health and education,” says Sam.

Commenting on International Women’s Day, Sam says she firmly believes in social justice and lifting women up.

“We are all here, just trying to get by with the resources we have. In times of adversity, I tell myself to ‘just keep swimming’, but always be kind along the way.”

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