Power returning to South Ridge


Power is being restored to several buildings on the south ridge at our Bedford Park location, following weekend storms.

Even though the lights are coming back on, about a dozen buildings and facilities will remain closed on Monday November 14 while safety checks are conducted and regular operations are restored.

Students and staff in the following spaces are advised to work from home or at other locations as advised by their supervisor:

• Biology
• Biology Discovery
• Biodiversity
• Glasshouses, PC2 building and Aquaculture
• Physical Sciences
• Flinders Press
• URSSA book storage
• PFD Maintenance/Ops
• Earth Science
• Information Science and Technology
• Engineering

A return to business as usual is expected on Tuesday 15 November.

Meanwhile, inspections are underway to assess whether wind and rain may have destabilised trees or caused damage to campus facilities across our SA locations. Students and staff are urged to use caution and contact security on 8201 2880 to report any areas of concern, if they have not already been identified with hazard tape and/or signs.

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