SA’s first 5-week program for university entry

In a South Australian first, Flinders University is piloting an intensive 5-week Foundation Studies program which guarantees entry into 30 undergraduate degrees for mid-year enrolments.

The 5-week program is available online or on-campus for students craving face to face learning with the opportunity to gain entry into their choice of degree quicker, beginning their undergraduate degrees earlier than previously possible and providing the full on-campus experience.

Students successfully completing the Foundation Studies program can then enrol in a range of degrees ranging from Accounting, Criminology to Health Sciences and Languages.

Flinders University Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students) Professor Romy Lawson

Flinders University Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students), Professor Romy Lawson, says the 5-week program enables students to take part in a high-quality program which is a full-time study commitment but for a much shorter period than traditionally available.

“We know young people and mature aged students want more chances to study at university and the intensive program allows them to be prepared for an undergraduate degree in much less time but with the same set of important skills, opening up the possibility for many more students considering a bridging pathway into a degree.

At Flinders, we know not everyone steps straight from school into university and there are a range of pathways to tertiary study. The intensive program has been developed with this in mind to provide the skills to start one of our degrees by incorporating up to 6 hours of study each day to achieve the same outcomes as the 4-month program in an intensive mode which provides additional hours and support.”

“Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed so many success stories which began with opportunities in the Foundation Studies program and look forward to the 5-week program offering the opportunity to many more students.”

As a year 12 student overcoming personal challenges, Makaylah Sager worried not having an ATAR would cast a shadow over her plans to study at university despite her ambitions to work in South Australia’s booming film and television industry.

“I always wanted to go to university but did have a few muck ups in high school which meant I couldn’t even get an ATAR for consideration,’ she says.

Makaylah Sager completed the Foundation Studies Program at the Stretton Centre in 2021.

After researching various entry pathways, Makaylah came across the Flinders Foundation Studies program which offered to fill gaps in skills such as high-level essay writing, critical thinking and analytical skills.

“The Foundation Studies program really helped me understand what would be required as a university student and it was government funded, so I had no financial stress to meet costs.

I was scared I wouldn’t be able to do some of the topics because I didn’t do that well in high school but with the support of the lecturer and course coordinator, it was a breeze.”

Makaylah pursued her own pathway towards a career in the film industry by enrolling in a Creative Arts degree at Flinders University’s Bedford Park campus after the foundation program.

“Students like me no longer have to think they won’t achieve their dream job. This bridging program helps more people think they can get into university, so being able to achieve entry in just 5 weeks is an amazing concept,” she says.

It’s time to take the first steps towards a new career.

Whether students opt for the fast-tracked 5-week intensive program or the full 4-month program, they’ll gain:

  • university-level study skills and an understanding of university life
  • digital literacy and reading skills
  • academic communication skills
  • critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • the confidence that you’re prepared and ready to start your degree.

Applications are now open for our 5-week intensive Foundation Studies program starting on the 14th June.

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