Hearing health the focus of new scholarship

Sandy Nelson as she checks the ear of Kirsty Dumoo during the opening of the Wadeye Health Centre, Nov. 9, 2010. Photo: Clive Hyde, PR Handout

A new scholarship worth $15,000 is now being offered to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to undertake the Flinders Master of Audiology.

The newly announced Australian Hearing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Master of Audiology Scholarship forges an important pathway to the audiology profession for individuals of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background who wish to pursue a rewarding career in hearing health.

At a time when Indigenous Australians experience some of the highest levels of ear disease and hearing loss in the world, with rates up to ten times more than those for non-Indigenous Australians, the new scholarship presents a vital opportunity for committed students to make a difference in a fast-growing field.

“We want to encourage prospective students who have not previously considered a career in audiology to now see it as a genuine opportunity to positively influence hearing health outcomes,” said Flinders’ Senior Lecturer in Audiology, Dr Sarosh Kapadia.

The Master of Audiology at Flinders University is offered as a two year full-time Masters degree course, providing students with the skills to assess, diagnose and treat hearing-related problems and provide strategies for managing long-term hearing impairment.

It is the only problem-based learning audiology program in Australia.

“Scholarship recipients will receive $2,000 per semester in their first year of study and $4,000 per semester in their second year,” said Dr Kapadia.

“They will also have the opportunity to undertake a unique outreach trip to remote Australia valued at up to $3,000.

“This trip provides exceptional real-world experience for scholarship recipients and enables them to help address the prevalence of hearing loss in Australian Indigenous communities.”

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have first completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline and have already been accepted into the Master of Audiology program.

Prospective scholarship applicants must apply for entry via SATAC by 6 November 2017 to commence studies in 2018.

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