R U OK? is easy to say

R U OK? Day is part of a national suicide prevention campaign that seeks to encourage a conversation about how those around us, such as our colleagues, friends and family, are feeling.

The day aims to highlight that, by asking someone in a meaningful way if they are OK, we can actually make a very big difference to someone who may be struggling with mental or emotional ill-health.

We could even save a life.

When we are connected to each other, we enjoy enhanced wellbeing and we are better protected from the risks of suicide.

Today the staff and students of Flinders University took a moment to ask those around them, ‘R U OK?’

Of course it is important to always be mindful of those around us, not only on R U OK? Day.

Flinders staff are encouraged to access the Employee Assistance Program if they are experiencing any kind of personal or work-related problems.

The Employee Assistance Program is an independent and confidential counselling service to which staff can refer themselves and receive up to three fully-funded sessions with a designated psychologist.

Flinders students are urged to contact Health, Counselling and Disability Services if they are have any concerns relating to bullying, discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

Health, Counselling and Disability Services can also assist with students’ medical concerns or any issues regarding equal opportunity on campus, learning difficulties, or any disability that impacts on study.

Staff and students who are in a state of crisis or who need urgent help are encouraged to contact BeyondBlue or Lifeline Australia.

Flinders University is active in mental health care research and has helped set out priorities for mental health reform: Clearer pathways for mental health



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