It’s a beautiful digital Hybrid World

Want to see what the future holds? Virtual reality, gaming, filmmaking and new interactive technologies will be on show at the Tonsley Innovation Precinct during Hybrid World Adelaide.

Hybrid World Adelaide, from 4 to 8 October, will feature some of the best international digital thinkers, speakers, makers and performers at this mind-expanding explosion of interactive technology. The program has public events for people of all ages and digital knowledge and an industry strand that includes a conference and a hands-on lab to mentor and develop selected tech projects.

Along side the public events, the industry conference will focus on emerging technologies set to reshape the consumer economy. Global leaders in biotechnology, space engineering and brain-computer interfaces will lead the conference. They include Dr Phillip Alvelda who invented the cortical modem for DARPA – a brain interface that could inject images directly into the visual cortex, Andrew Hessel of Autodesk who is a pioneer in the field of synthetic biology and Mandy Simpson of CyberToa, a global leader in security and blockchain, and a host of others.

Questions to be addressed include what comes after the smartphone? How will digital technology transform the manufacturing and retail supply chain? How will artificial intelligence impact transportation, factories, communications and services? What will biotech bring to health care, agriculture and energy? How can digital tech extend our human senses and capabilities beyond the constraints of time, space and physicality? How do we protect ourselves from cyber risks?

Flinders University is an educational partner in this new five-day event which explores how these technologies will merge with the real world.

The opening of the Adelaide Film Festival virtual reality program will coincide with Hybrid World.

From Flinders University, the Digital Media team will present two sessions at Hybrid World at Tonsley.

  • An art demonstration on the main stage on Thursday 5 October will create a scene within an hour using a matte painter and world-leading expertise of Flinders partner CDW Studios. Watch the world develop before your eyes.
  • Building a Game World (also 5 October) with lecturers Katie Cavanagh and Shane Bevin. For all levels of knowledge and experience on various platforms.

On Friday 6 October, experts from the New Venture Institute at Flinders will  deliver a ‘A Crash Course in Design Thinking’ workshop, described as “fast paced and action focused, you can learn in under three hours how to take your old world problems to a hybrid world solution”.

The workshop will get you thinking like an innovator.

Tonsley Innovation Precinct is located at 1284 South Road, Tonsley. Public transport and extensive car parking is available.

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