Tribute: Courage in a time of desperate need

Kirsty Boden


The Flinders community is mourning the death of nursing graduate, Kirsty Boden.

Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Colin Stirling, provides this message for staff and students:

I was deeply saddened to hear of the tragic death of Kirsty Boden in the London terror attacks.

I didn’t know Kirsty personally, but those who did have conveyed that she stood out, and was popular and much loved by staff and peers for her enthusiasm, dedication, and zest for life.

A graduate of the class of 2009, Kirsty was a high achiever who won the School of Nursing and Midwifery Study Abroad Scholarship in 2008. She was also awarded membership of the Golden Key Honour Society Member in 2009.

Kirsty displayed immense courage in helping others in their time of desperate need, reportedly running towards danger to do what she could to bring aid and comfort to those injured in the horrific attacks. She embodied all that is good in the face of adversity. It’s said that character isn’t forged in a crisis; it is revealed. Kirsty revealed in the most extraordinary way her devotion, bravery and professionalism in her act of selflessness. 

We are stepping up support for our staff and students affected by this tragic event, especially at our Riverland campus where Kirsty studied.

On behalf of Flinders, my deepest condolences to Kirsty’s family, friends and colleagues.


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