US election events at Bedford Park – including live commentary and Q&A


Staff and students can watch the 2016 US presidential election unfold on the super screen in the Hub today from 10am to 3pm.

A round table at the Hub and Plaza will even provide the opportunity to chat with politics academics and hear their comment on the election as it progresses.

If you’re not able to join us on campus, then join in the discussion on Facebook and hear from our politics experts on a panel discussion through Facebook Live from 1pm explaining the election process, giving an update and talking through what the result might mean for Australia.

Whether you’re team Trump, team Clinton, or just watching to see how it might impact on Australian politics, we’ll have CNN live for you on the super screen.

“The American election is significant to us in Australia regardless of the result,” said Dr Rodrigo Praino, Lecturer in Politics and Public Policy at Flinders.

“Its result will immediately determine the mood of international markets, and set the stage for what will likely happen in the international arena in the next four years.”

Round table biographies:

Dr Rodrigo Praino

Rodrigo Praino is Lecturer in Politics and Public Policy. He is an expert in American politics and elections and has published extensively on American elections and politics. He has published on the electoral effects of political scandals in the United States, on the incumbency advantage in the US Congress, and on the role of gender in American elections.

Dr Maryanne Kelton

Maryanne Kelton is a senior lecturer in International Relations at Flinders University and Deputy Director of the Centre for US and Asia Policy Studies. She researches Australia US alliance relations and has analyzed US economic statecraft in the region. She is the author of ‘More than an Ally’? Contemporary Australia-US Relations (Ashgate, 2008) and has published in the International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, Australian Journal of International Affairs, and the Australian Journal of Politics and History. Maryanne is the co-author of in-person foreign policy simulations and is the recipient of Australian Government and University awards for teaching and learning.

Associate Professor Barbara Baird
Barbara Baird is an Associate Professor in Women’s Studies, in the School of Social and Policy Studies. Her research focuses on histories and politics of sexuality and reproduction. In particular, she has been researching the politics of abortion in Australia for the last two decades. She takes a keen interest in US abortion politics.

Associate Professor Cassandra Star
Cassandra Star is an Associate Professor in Public Policy, in the School of Social and Policy Studies.
Her research focuses on the politics and policy of climate change in comparative perspective. She is particularly interested in the domestic and international climate policy and climate movement implications of the US elections.

Dr Joshua Newman
Joshua Newman is a Lecturer in the School of Social and Policy Studies. His research specialty is government-industry relations, public-private partnerships, and comparative public policy – especially between Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Dr Mikhail Balaev

Mikhail Balaev is a Senior Lecturer in sociology. His primary research interests are in the areas of political and economic sociology. He specializes in researching the networks between the U.S. government and corporations. With a support from the National Science Foundation he is working on creating a new data set that will contain the professional affiliations of the Presidential appointees in the executive branch of the US government from 1978 to present.

Dr Prudence Flowers
Prudence Flowers is a lecturer in the School of History and International Relations. Her teaching covers all eras of US history, and her research interests are focused on the post WWII US and histories of conservatism, religion, and sexuality. In 2012 she participated in a US Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program, spending 3 weeks in the US exploring the US ‘pivot’ to Asia.

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