Anti-corruption research in China

Adam Graycar
Professor Graycar lectures at Beijing Normal University in May this year.

Leading Australian social policy expert, Flinders Strategic Professor Adam Graycar, has launched research projects with universities in Beijing as part of a lecture tour of China.

At the invitation of Beijing Normal University, Professor Graycar spent a week in Beijing last month, delivering a series of eight lectures on describing, understanding, measuring and controlling corruption. He also gave a lecture at the Renmin University of China on how serious corruption problems can be analysed, and preventive strategies and controls put in place.

While in Beijing, Professor Graycar also launched research collaborations with Renmin University academics and graduate students.

“The research program will blend Flinders and Renmin research skills, starting with a comparison of anti-corruption measures in the China and Australia,” Professor Graycar says from the School of Social and Policy Studies.

“The objective will be to focus on anti-corruption mechanisms and locate them in philosophical and operational contexts.”

Professor Graycar said the visit would enable cross-national research among graduates.

“Chinese data on corrupt activities will be blended with data from Australia and other countries, and graduate students under my supervision will work on preventive processes that are relevant in different cultural and legal systems,” he says.

Professor Graycar – who received an AM in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list  – continues to give lectures and presentations around the world in his global campaign to reduce or prevent corruption.

He is working with anti-corruption agencies in Australia, the United Nations and the World Bank to develop models of best practice so that their governance arrangements can be enhanced and “so that integrity can underpin the basis of government in rich and poor countries alike”.

On 24 May, he presented a webinar entitled “Rich country corruption” for the US Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration. This month Professor Graycar addressed an international Public Administration conference in Hong Kong on several issues, including corruption in world fisheries.


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