Georgia hitting the high notes

Georgia Carey - The Voice pic1When you’re a contestant on The Voice Australia, studying to be a speech pathologist can have its advantages.

In her third year of a speech pathology course at Flinders University, singer-songwriter and guitarist Georgia Carey ironically is working with people with voice disorders for her placement.

“It was back in my first year of speech pathology and I needed to see a voice therapist myself. I’d started doing gigs and was literally losing my voice,” Georgia said.

“There are actually some really good exercises I’ve learnt now which are useful to get the vocals going.”

After turning no chairs in her first ‘blind audition’ performance on The Voice three years ago, Georgia returned this year to try her luck again – and was ecstatic when all four coaches heard her sing James Bay’s Let it Go.

“I honestly didn’t expect it. I was so relieved, but it really was a lovely surprise,” she said.

It’s been a busy semester for the 21-year-old with juggling uni assignments, studying for mid-year exams, weekend gigs for the Adelaide pub scene and commitments that come with starring on the reality TV series.

“It’s been very tricky balancing everything but luckily my uni lecturers and everyone involved in The Voice have been really understanding and extremely flexible,” she said.

Opting for Ronan Keating as her coach on the program, Georgia’s next performance will be The Voice battle round, to be aired this Sunday on Channel 9 at 7pm.

With a regular Sunday afternoon gig scheduled in Adelaide, Georgia is hoping to arrive home in time to see the episode with family and friends.

“It will be great to sit back and watch it – it’s all such a blur when you’re over there (in Sydney) performing.”

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