NVI supporters praised for selfless service to South Australian innovation

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The NVI has driven innovation through its support programs, specialised training and award ceremonies recognising SA entrepreneurs.

If success breeds success then the initiative by Flinders University’s New Venture Institute to link business superstars with budding entrepreneurs is a business incubator that’s delivering real results.

Thanks to a combination of shrewd strategic planning, community support and the hard work of its staff, it has helped give birth to 108 start-up companies, generated $6m+ in startup valuations, produced $540,000 seed investments and delivered practically based education projects to 70 industry clients  and almost 1,000 Flinders students.

It has trained 216 budding entrepreneurs and engaged more than 250 business leaders and established entrepreneurs as mentors, presenters and advisors.

SA’s Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation, Kyam Maher, will be guest of honour today at a Flinders University event at Parliament House to thank Flinders NVI’s key supporters.

Dozens of NVI sponsors, mentors and advisors will join senior members of Adelaide’s business and entrepreneurial community at the exclusive gathering, which is held each year to recognise their selfless contribution to a range of economy boosting Flinders NVI programs.

Flinders Vice-Chancellor, Professor Colin Stirling, will personally thank the guests and share how, because to their selfless efforts, Flinders NVI has been able to connect, inspire and educate many hundreds of innovators, researchers and students.

Flinders University established its New Venture Institute (NVI) two years ago to foster entrepreneurship and support and create new business enterprises in South Australia.

Professor Colin Stirling said the NVI’s supporters have been the catalyst for a raft of commercial success stories in the State and beyond, and are exemplary advocates and drivers of South Australia’s entrepreneurial potential .

“By giving so generously of their time, energy and networks, Flinders NVI’s supporters have strengthened its ability to engage with and build the capacity of a wide range of local enterprises benefiting the South Australian economy,” said Professor Stirling.

“Their assistance has provided the New Venture Institute with the expertise and very rare tools needed to develop the kind of social entrepreneurship that delivers responsible solutions within and beyond the community that Flinders University serves.

“Without them, much of Flinders NVI’s remarkable achievements in the past two years simply would not have been possible.

“Flinders University is incredibly grateful for that support, and we sincerely thank them.”

NVI Director Matt Salier said it was impossible to overstate the impact the NVI’s supporters had made to its success.

“Without their selfless contributions to our programs and the experience they share through mentoring, the NVI would simply not be able to do what we do,” said Mr Salier.

“It is thanks to them that we have hundreds of new entrepreneurs and millions of dollars’ worth of new business in South Australia.

“Everyone at the NVI and Flinders University is proud to have the opportunity to say a special thank you at today’s event – which is made even more special because it is being done in the presence of the Minister.”

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