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Indonesian community artist Moelyono has been collaborating with Flinders Jembatan.

A celebration of Indonesian culture in the city on Monday will cap off a successful Adelaide OzAsia Festival.

Both cultural events were sponsored by Flinders University and have been a great opportunity to showcase Flinders Jembatan – the SA program working to build bridges between Australia and Indonesia.

At INDOfest, the Flinders Jembatan initiative will be showcased at a marquee located at the Migration Museum courtyard near the chapel where children’s games including Congklak will be conducted.

From 1.30pm-2.10pm, noted Indonesian community artist, Moelyono (pictured at Flinders Pondopo cultural pavilion this week) will conduct a free drawing workshop for children in the green area of the SA Museum.

In town for OzAsia, Moelyono supported the special Tutti Arts and Perspektif program promoting cultural engagement between disabled artists in Indonesia and Australia. The Shedding Light sepeda lampu performances finish tomorrow.

On Sunday, short films made by Flinders students, entitled East by South East, will be screened at the Mercury Cinema.

INDOfest on Monday, features traditional and modern music, dance and cultural activities from the different regions of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, the Eastern Nusa Tenggara islands and Papua.

West Javanese musician Dodi Darmadi will share his skills in drumming and kite-making – as well as workshops in mask-making, dancing and angklung.

Presented by the Australian-Indonesian Association of SA, the free community INDOfest cultural and culinary festival will be staged along the city’s North Tce cultural precinct from 11am to 7pm on Monday, 5 October, on the final day of the annual Asia Festival.

The activities will be held in and around the Migration Museum and other indoor and outdoor areas of the SA Museum, Art Gallery and SA Library.

Dora Melati, a Javanese dancer from Melbourne, will perform a dance from the Hindu epic, the Mahabahrata, with her members of the famous Jakarta-based Wayang Orang Bharata Jakarta.

Adelaidean Papua will perform Pangkur Sagu, a contemporary dance from West Papua that highlights the importance of sago (sagu) in the livelihood of Papuans.

Adelaide’s Batik House will present a ‘Reality Fashion Show’ featuring the beautiful batik designs of Methasari Damayantisold throughout Australia and South-East Asia.

There is free car parking on the Torrens Parade Ground and local streets. Entrance is via Kintore Ave and North Tce.

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