Accreditation opens Hong Kong funding to students

Professor Mike Walsh with students in Hong Kong.
Associate Professor Mike Walsh with BA of Creative Arts (Digital Media) students in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong students can now receive funding from their local government to study Flinders University’s Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media) after the course was accredited by their local accreditation body, the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ).

The accreditation means the Flinders course is also now considered equal to local qualifications, so that students can study safe in the knowledge that they can compete in the local jobs market.

Flinders University’s Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) program has also been accredited, making Flinders one of just a handful of universities to have two courses accredited in the region.

Associate Professor Mike Walsh in Screen and Media at Flinders University said the accreditation demonstrated the high calibre of the university’s offshore courses.

“The School of Humanities and Creative Arts and Flinders Business School made a joint decision last year, with the support of the university’s senior management, to apply for accreditation,” Associate Professor Walsh said.

“The accreditation, which is for a maximum term of four years in the first instance, is a testimony to the quality of the programs we offer offshore and will benefit students in their pursuit of a Flinders qualification.”

To be accredited, programs are examined and checked thoroughly by the HKCAAVQ to make sure they are equivalent to the courses being offered by Hong Kong institutions.

More than forty Hong Kong students have already graduated with a Flinders Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media), with another twenty due to graduate in October this year. There will also be a new cohort of more than 30 students starting in September

The University’s Department of Screen and Media is also developing other linkages with the Hong Kong media scene including a study tour earlier in 2014, hosted by Associate Professor Walsh, which gave Flinders students the opportunity to attend the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the FilMart film trade fair.

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