New Venture Institute at Flinders to boost business sector skills

New Venture Institute Director Matt Salier

The New Venture Institute at Flinders University has partnered with SA Enterprise Workshop and the business and entrepreneurial expertise of successful South Australian enterprises to re-launch the new Enterprise Workshop.

The Enterprise Workshop is a highly successful entrepreneur development and business accelerator program within South Australia that aligns well with the objectives of Flinders’ New Venture Institute to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

Commencing in March next year and concluding in October, the Workshops involve 100 hours of contact time and related mentoring and team building activities delivered by experienced business people -many of whom have previously graduated from the Enterprise Workshop.

Speaking ahead of the re-launch of the Enterprise Workshop, which was held at the Adelaide Town Hall yesterday (Thursday, November 28), SA Enterprise Workshop Chair Dr Nick Begakis AO said: “This program builds on a wonderfully rich history of success and allows entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be to join together with extraordinary people, passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship whether it is in technology or in services, in a once in a lifetime experiential learning experience.”

New Venture Institute Director Matt Salier said the re-launch of Enterprise Workshop involved an update of the workshop program, which has existed in South Australia for nearly 35 years, retaining its entrepreneurial, corporate focus.

“According to previous market research, Enterprise Workshop participants and their companies generated over $1 billion in revenues, pumped more than $100 million in profits back into the SA economy and created more than 6000 jobs over a 20 year period,” Mr Salier said.

“Enterprise Workshop is a highly successful program and the New Venture Institute is delighted to be harnessing the Workshop and University’s business connections and partners to deliver the skills and entrepreneurial outcomes required for the further development of the State’s economy,” he said.

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