Flinders tells freedom story

flinders-is-freedom“It’s about reminding alumni about the life they had when they attended Flinders, and telling prospective students about the excitement of the possibilities at Flinders.”

Jamie Scott, managing director of Showpony Advertising, told Flinders Indaily that he and creative director Parris Mesidis both reflected on their own experience at Flinders when developing the new Flinders is Freedom advertising campaign with the University’s Marketing and Communications Office team.

Building on the successful Focus on You campaign, which saw a surge in enrolments, Flinders is Freedom emphasises the relationship with the University as a lifelong journey – from the first tentative enquiries as a prospective student, through the formative undergraduate years, postgraduate study and life beyond as a graduate.

“For us, it was about time. Flinders was a place where you had all the time in the world to pursue those things that really excited and interested you,” Mr Scott said.

“To be able to sit under a tree on a sunny day reading a book about your particular sphere of interest, with a view over the ocean…that’s time of your life stuff,” he said.

“That’s the ultimate freedom – it’s intellectually satisfying, it is geographically stimulating. And without the pressure of a teacher or a boss saying, ‘you must do this, you must do that’.

“We had time constraints but we never had more freedom.”

Flinders is Freedom, he said, seeks to capture the many different qualities that contribute to the uniqueness of the University and convey it to prospective students and graduates alike. The geography of the campus is one dimension of that uniqueness.

“The Flinders brand was born of ‘experiment and experiment bravely’; it was born as a radical alternative to the conservative institutions of the day. There’s a certain intellectual freedom that goes with that.

“Part of the Flinders story is that this is a University that encourages freedom: freedom of thought, of opportunity, of expression, of choice.”

Mr Scott said he hoped that students and alumni would engage with “the freedom story”.

“To have prospective school-leaver or mature-age students understand that going to Flinders is about freedom is where, for me, the message becomes lyrical.

“And for alumni, we’d like them to think about their University days and to say: ‘You know what? I never felt freer than when I was at Flinders’.”

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