A path to independence

rampTo the casual eye, it’s a broad concrete path sloping up from the Flinders University Ring Road to the Health Sciences building – to students, staff and visitors with disabilities, it’s a vital contribution to their independence.

Officially opening the new disability access ramp on Friday, July 29, Flinders Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Barber said the ramp is both a real benefit and a symbol of efforts by individuals and groups across the University.

While the steeply sloping campus site is an integral part of the University’s charm and identity, Professor Barber said the terrain could also cause difficulties for staff and students with disabilities.

“With this ramp we have achieved a great thing, enabling access through a part of the University which wasn’t accessible previously,” he said.

He said that Flinders is committed to making adjustments that will improve independent access to the University’s buildings and facilities wherever necessary.

Ms Lisa O’Neill, Manager, Equal Opportunity and Diversity at Flinders, said the ramp was a very visible aspect of the University’s program to improve conditions for staff and students with disabilities.

“It also representative of the activities of the members of the Disability Committee, the Equal Opportunity Contact Officers and the Disability Advisers, all of whom are committed to assisting students with disabilities in overcoming practical and academic barriers to success,” she said.

The new ramp is 57.5 metres long and 1.3 metres wide, and rises 2.25m over its length. It incorporates a stainless steel balustrade, tactile indicators, landings and a rest area.

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One thought on “A path to independence

  1. The university can’t really be committed to this important issue given that there is no access between the main campus and the medical centre.

    While this new ramp allows access between university housing/sturt campus and the main campus, What is going to be done to fix the access between the medical campus and the main campus!? especially given that students are expected to move from classes btween these two sites.

    The only option that the university provides from what I have been told is that students must ring security and get security to drive them (and I have been told that security is very hesatant to do so). I have been told that students can go down to the medical centre and get a bus to the main campus but given that this can take up to an hour and given that students only get 10 minutes to move between classes this would not be feasable.

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