International Baccalaureate teaching graduates a world first

ib-girls2Two South Australian middle-school teachers are the first people in the world to graduate with Graduate Certificates in Education specific to the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) program.

At Flinders University’s recent graduation ceremonies, Ms Emily Johnson, a teacher at Concordia College, and Ms Lauren Mazzarolo, from Annesley College, became the first graduates of the IBO-accredited qualification that commenced at Flinders in 2008.

The IBO’s global education framework, which promotes international-mindedness, has been adopted by hundreds of schools across Australia and overseas.

Flinders was the first tertiary institution in the world to be accredited to offer a postgraduate course for school educators teaching in the IBO’s Middle Years Program: the Graduate Certificate in Education (IBMPY).

Both the Graduate Certificate and the Master of Education (IB) courses offered by Flinders have brought strong interest, with nearly 30 students enrolling in the courses within the first 18 months.

From the middle of 2010, due to strong demand from the south-east Asia region, the Master of Education (IB) will also be taught by Flinders off-shore in Singapore.

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