Zebras out, pandas in at Flinders

pandaYou may have thought Wang Wang and Funi were safely accommodated in their luxury headquarters at the Adelaide Zoo, but it seems they may have gone for a walk – quite a long walk.

Flinders University has renamed its only on-campus pedestrian crossing a ‘panda crossing’ after discovering surprising ‘evidence’ of a visit from the celebrity pair.

The University’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Ms Diané Ranck, said Flinders was happy to assist SAFM’s Adam Keily in meeting his on-air challenge to create a panda crossing – as opposed to a zebra crossing – somewhere in Adelaide.

Ms Ranck said she wasn’t surprised to discover that the pandas may have made their way out to Flinders.

“Thousands of school leavers and mature-aged students can’t be wrong,” she said.

“And the fact that we have formed a new School of the Environment to focus on issues such as climate change, water sustainability and biodiversity is just the sort of thing to grab a panda’s attention.”

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