Flinders on Flinders – a CBD presence

m_barber-v4Flinders University has moved to establish a high profile presence in Adelaide’s CBD with the leasing of two floors of the former Reserve Bank Building at the intersection of Victoria Square and Flinders Street.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Barber said the site “offers great visibility and a very accessible location from which to attract new students, teach existing courses, and engage with major business, community and political stakeholders”.

“The premises, which are accessed from Flinders Street, will be refurbished over coming months and, from November, will offer a permanent ground-floor shopfront and reception, International Office, Marketing and Communications Office presence, and corporate space. The first floor will incorporate lecturing and teaching spaces and permanent academic and staff areas,” Professor Barber said.

“A long-term presence in the CBD – the lease agreement can extend for a decade – adds another platform for growth for Flinders University. It builds on the University’s excellent reputation for teaching and research and will bring a dynamic new dimension to the higher education precinct on Victoria Square and the CBD generally,” he said.

“A project team, led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International), is currently working with Faculties to determine those courses which will be offered in the city in 2010.’

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0 thoughts on “Flinders on Flinders – a CBD presence

  1. Great idea. Having a presence in the CBD would be very beneficial to students who are employed in offices in the CBD from a convenience and accessibility perspective.

  2. As a Flinders student I could think of nothing worse than being forced to travel to the Adelaide CBD.

    (The parking inspectors have such an understanding nature.)

    How the Flinders Street campus will change enrolments I have no idea.

    I would imagine that deciding to do a degree of some sort is not something people do on impulse and they would do some research on the degrees and institutions that offer a degree that fits their needs.

    The Bedford Park campus has magnificent grounds with an incredible view would it be better to differentiate on this when canvassing potential students?

    1. Thanks Don. We agree the Bedford Park campus is beautiful and provides a wonderful environment for students to study. The CBD presence will provide an alternative for students, who may find that location more accessible due to their work commitments, etc. Select courses will initially be taught from the CBD premises and very few courses will soley taught from the CBD premises. Course information will clearly show which courses will be taught from the city.

  3. I would love Flinders to come to the CBD. Flinders is the University I’d love to attend but I can not make it as I live and have an established job on the other side of the city. The prospect excites me very much.

  4. I believe its a great idea as it provides students with another option in regards to choosing a different university that they would like to attend in the CBD other than UNISA and Adelaide University.

    However, is there going to be controversy as to what courses will be offered at this campus and what will not?

  5. Wonderful…as a partime student, working fulltime I sometimes struggle to attend lectures @ Flinders (although downloading is an option) and I find the interaction equally fullfilling. Just imagine I could attend lectures during my lunch break and tutorials after work !! 🙂 Please consider the BGPM as a course to be delivered fully in the CBD. Bring on lifelong learning.

  6. This is a great idea.. As a student who lives in a residential college in the city, this would be a much more convinent location to attened lectures rather than having to drive or catch long bus rides to university every day. This would also make flinders university a more desirable university to attened for those potential students who live on the Northern Side of Adelaide.

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