Flinders on Flinders – a CBD presence

m_barber-v4Flinders University has moved to establish a high profile presence in Adelaide’s CBD with the leasing of two floors of the former Reserve Bank Building at the intersection of Victoria Square and Flinders Street.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Barber said the site “offers great visibility and a very accessible location from which to attract new students, teach existing courses, and engage with major business, community and political stakeholders”.

“The premises, which are accessed from Flinders Street, will be refurbished over coming months and, from November, will offer a permanent ground-floor shopfront and reception, International Office, Marketing and Communications Office presence, and corporate space. The first floor will incorporate lecturing and teaching spaces and permanent academic and staff areas,” Professor Barber said.

“A long-term presence in the CBD – the lease agreement can extend for a decade – adds another platform for growth for Flinders University. It builds on the University’s excellent reputation for teaching and research and will bring a dynamic new dimension to the higher education precinct on Victoria Square and the CBD generally,” he said.

“A project team, led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International), is currently working with Faculties to determine those courses which will be offered in the city in 2010.’

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