Preparing for future natural disasters

Professor Paul Arbon is Director of the Torrens Resilience Initiative at Flinders University. The devastating flooding through the south-eastern regions of Australia reminds us of the […]

Special disaster evacuation centres

Specialist evacuation shelters should be considered for vulnerable Australians during state emergencies to improve the standard of care and safety levels for ageing communities with preexisting […]

New ways to combat biological terrorism

The challenge to protect global communities against deliberate health threats is being tackled by Flinders University experts, with assistance from the Canadian Government. The Torrens Resilience […]

Reducing heatwave and other summer risks

As temperatures head over 40C, the need to closely monitor vulnerable younger and older people with health issues is high – particularly with the increased risk of bushfires and interruption to critical infrastructure.

Checklist for safety in numbers

A simple checklist providing community safety advice for those attending major events and gatherings has been published by Flinders University’s Torrens Resilience Institute.

Mass events must leave a legacy

Event organisers must learn from previous failures and feats when preparing for future mass gatherings, international disaster expert Dr Maurizio Barbeschi says.