Fire-power for the mind in warfare

Improving the cognitive performance of fighters in war is a minefield of possibility and Flinders University researchers are investigating the use of augmented reality (AR) to […]

Our response to others is subliminally connected to appearance and age, in a subconscious reaction to initial reactions to a person’s appearance. Photo: iStock.

Age bias is subconscious, study indicates

New research led by Flinders University helps to explain why age distinctions proliferate. With any human encounters, including the dating game, young people seem to ‘automatically’ […]

Lefties aren’t so gifted after all

Despite popular belief, left-handers are no more gifted than their right-handed counterparts, with Flinders research finding that some left-handed children actually have lower cognitive abilities.

The senses, brain food and paying attention

A world-leading expert in manipulating the human experience by playing with the senses, is joining forces with Flinders to find out how people influence our ability to pay attention to the world around us.