Call for heart checks in pregnancy

Women with complicated pregnancies are often unaware of their higher risk of heart disease, Australian researchers warn in a new paper published in respected journal PLOS […]

Calculating a dangerous heartbeat

Predicting how ventricular fibrillation will behave in an individual patient can be accurately modelled using a single mathematical equation, according to Flinders University researchers. Ventricular fibrillation […]

Oxygen care may not be best at home

Home oxygen is not always the best treatment for people in the final stages of lung or heart disease or cancer, a Flinders University palliative care specialist says.

Indigenous health’s holistic success

A new report shows personal care plans based on a client’s own goals, along with structured systems of support for self-management, are two of the most effective strategies to manage chronic health conditions in Aboriginal communities.

Flinders honours Finnish chronic disease fighter

An internationally eminent researcher in the area of chronic disease prevention is to receive an honorary doctorate from Flinders University for his extensive research contributions to the University’s Greater Green Triangle University Department of Rural Health (GGT UDRH).