Exploring new research links in France

Six new grants will support research collaborations in France ranging from colonial exploration in the Pacific to an exchange of Flinders University expertise in groundwater management. […]

Serval reaches for the stars

The Flinders Serval Project is progressing to its next stage of satellite integration after the latest trial in the Pacific. As part of the Australian Government […]

Entrepreneur on world stage

An world-leading remote telecoms system developed at Flinders University has put Serval inventor Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen on an elite list of leading entrepreneurs from around the world.

Off-grid phone system to the rescue

An emergency mobile phone system developed at Flinders University has been acknowledged in international InnovationXchange awards for post-disaster relief work in the Pacific.

A second life for old smartphones

Broken or unwanted smartphones will be given a new lease of life, thanks to the efforts of Flinders digital blacksmith Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen and his team.