Follow in the footsteps of megafauna

Australia’s giant ‘wombat’, the Diprotodon, is described as the world’s largest marsupial, weighing more than 2.5 tonnes at almost 3m long. Award-winning Flinders University science writer […]

Rebirth of a ‘forgotten’ scientist

Investigating the life of seminal Australian female naturalist Edith Coleman is an ongoing labour of love for Flinders University researcher Dr Danielle Clode. Since the award-winning […]

Inland sea a perfect storm for opals

Australian museums and Outback fossickers can thank the events of 100 million years ago for their fossil treasures and high-quality opals, says Flinders science writer Danielle Clode.

Rediscovering the French

The visit to Australia by a French president is not first contact, but another chapter in a long history, writes Flinders academic Dr Danielle Clode.