Search for the woman who sailed the world

A fascinating marine ‘herstory’ has given insights into the first women to sail around the world. The adventurous life of French woman Jeanne Barret, who dressed […]

Voyages très extraordinaires of French discovery

Early French voyages, led by commanders like Baudin, Bougainville, Lapérouse, D’Entrecasteaux, Freycinet, Duperrey and Dumont d’Urville, were the first to name, describe and beautifully illustrate many […]

Follow in the footsteps of megafauna

Australia’s giant ‘wombat’, the Diprotodon, is described as the world’s largest marsupial, weighing more than 2.5 tonnes at almost 3m long. Award-winning Flinders University science writer […]

Rebirth of a ‘forgotten’ scientist

Investigating the life of seminal Australian female naturalist Edith Coleman is an ongoing labour of love for Flinders University researcher Dr Danielle Clode. Since the award-winning […]

Inland sea a perfect storm for opals

Australian museums and Outback fossickers can thank the events of 100 million years ago for their fossil treasures and high-quality opals, says Flinders science writer Danielle Clode.

Rediscovering the French

The visit to Australia by a French president is not first contact, but another chapter in a long history, writes Flinders academic Dr Danielle Clode.