Global data security research expands

Flinders University has signed a new partnership agreement with a leading US data research centre at the University of Virginia to expand research and knowledge exchange […]

Focus on voting behaviour

A new ARC Linkage project will investigate voting attitudes and behaviours across the Victorian electorate. In one of the most ambitious studies of its type, University […]

Cyber, space jobs for SA

In the digital age, South Australia is well placed to build capacity and employment in cybersecurity and the space industry – to underpin Australia’s diplomatic and […]

Voter loyalty waning

Recent elections clearly show that the degree of voter loyalty to their chosen party has declined, according to Associate Professor Haydon Manning.

Responding to the Middle East uprisings

The rest of the world’s response to the rolling wave of “people’s revolutions” across North Africa and the Middle East will be the focus of a public discussion at Flinders University on March 3.