Big step in rapid diagnostics

The high-tech Flinders University vortex fluidic device has been used to test for infectious diseases such as flu and COVID-19 within five minutes. The speedy high-tech […]

Parasites thrive if hosts survive

Like diseases affecting humans, parasites can wage a deadly evolutionary ‘arms race’ against their hosts. But can hosts and parasites upgrade their weapons at the same […]

Border closures raise mental distress

Australia’s extended international COVID-19 border closures have led to high levels of psychological distress across the community, with experts suggesting future pandemic policy settings consider the […]

Anxiety about vaccine safety

Expectant parents are encountering misinformation about children’s vaccinations on social media and in small inner circles because they feel inadequately informed by some healthcare professionals who […]

Free RAT tests make economic sense

Following considerable public pressure over the past few weeks, the federal government has announced concession card holders will soon be able to collect up to ten free […]

Feedback sought on potential vaccine mandate

Flinders to seek staff and student feedback on potential mandatory vaccination Flinders University Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling is considering the introduction of mandatory vaccination for those […]

Face mask warning as SA borders open

With South Australian borders opening to travellers from all Australian states and territories today, Flinders University researchers are concerned poor mask habits may put South Australians […]

New tool for vaccine risk

A national group of Australian COVID-19 experts are launching a new online tool for GPs and patients to measure individual vaccine risk – incorporating the latest […]