Rock-wallaby bite size ‘packs a punch’

Australian rock-wallabies are ‘little Napoleons’ when it comes to compensating for small size, packing much more punch into their bite than larger relatives. Researchers from Flinders […]

Why the long face? Now we know

Horses have developed long faces simply ‘because they can,’ a team of evolutionary biologists say. In a major review of how mammalian heads evolve, scientists from […]

Hawk eyes reveal hunters visual secrets

The world’s only nocturnal hawk, Australia’s Letter-Winged Kite, may not be any better at seeing in the dark than its closest, day-hunting relatives. An international study […]

How mammals evolved bigger brains

Scientists have pieced together a timeline of how brain and body size evolved in mammals over the last 150 million years by comparing the brain mass […]

Solving the mammal brain size puzzle

A new study has revealed a surprising lack of support for widely-held explanations of why some mammals evolve larger brains than expected for their body size. […]

Heated debate on lizard sex

Sex is a complicated affair for Australia’s Jacky Dragon lizard. When an embryo is developing, one of the most important events is when it becomes either […]

Flexible brains make for right fit

Being stretchy and squeezable may be the key to finding space for the brain in mammals, including humans, according to new research. An international study, co-led by […]

Why rats would win Australian survivor

Australian rodents skulls all correspond to one simple, size-dependent shape that is more than ten million years old but it turns out this lack of change […]