Asylum-seeker doco on winners’ list

Island of the Hungry Ghosts, a powerful and insightful film examining the plight of asylum-seekers trying to reach Australia, has been awarded the $10,000 Flinders University […]

Alumni make the world a better place

From El Niño to Orby to Hotel Mumbai, Flinders University today celebrates six graduates who go to great heights to stand out and lift their professions. The […]

Flinders sponsors new doco award

Flinders has added sponsorship of a new $10,000 prize for documentary making to its record of education in screen and media and the outstanding achievements of its graduates in filmmaking.

A long suit in Shorts

A grim and suspenseful portrait of war won the major award at the Shorts Film Festival for Flinders graduate Anthony Maras, and other Flinders graduates were among the winners.

Flinders graduates light up the big screen

Flinders graduates have received more than 30 nominations in the South Australia Screen Awards across virtually all categories, and dominate those for best film, screenplay, cinematography and editing.